Soulmates ~ Twin Flames ~ Eclipse - Spiritual Energetic Shift with Love

There is lunar Eclipse on August 7 2017, following it is the return of Mercury Retrograde August 12 and then The Solar eclipse August 21. This is a very powerful and cosmic series of spiritual events that is all going to take place this month.

What does that mean for for all of us? There is an energetic spiritual activity happening deep inside our spirit. Some people may be more sensitive and feel it much stronger than others (I know I am), you will notice many changes happening with the people who are around you. Also things may seem like they're off balance at first and then come to complete harmony. The fiery Leo has a strong influence on to the energy and the sons influence can sometimes create a rumble inside all of us. You may be feeling things a little stronger with this energy shift happening. The one thing you want to do is remain calm. There can be self criticism and a feeling of lack of love. Your inner spirit is calling out to your highest consciousness to bring love and peace to your soul center. This shift can bring many doubts and fear, at the same time past wounds can open up with anger issues with love ones. This is a time to be aware and purge out the negative energies and surrendering things that don't serve a purpose for you. Take a look at yourself and realize what you were actually feeling and how the ego can sometimes take over.

You may feel a fiery surge of energy with your Love relationship or soulmate especially twin flames. You may notice and energy shift with your divine partner and this energy shift may not be so negative, but a reminder to work on yourselves. This sometimes it can be a blessing in disguise. Remembering that you are in control and not let negative feelings or issues come in the way of your love relationship. Soulmates who are apart or separated can feel that energy shift as well. This is a time when they can pick up energy much stronger than other times. If you are feeling something is about to happen. Don't ignore it, the universe is working on you both to come into a divine union. Although it may not happen right now but there's definitely some shifts going on between you and your twin flame. This is a very intense and energetic time for all types of Soulmate Connections. Embracing the love and the people who matter the most in your life to find inner truth. August 2017 is the best time to get more in tuned with spirituality and meditation.

During both both eclipses, the psychic energies are heightened and amplified.

That is the best time to get a Reiki treatment, Psychic reading or give a Psychic reading, surrender your fear and follow a guided meditation or meditate on your soul center. Listen to the messages are being given to you from the Angels and keep a journal by writing them down during this time, you may not get them during the eclipse but throughout the whole month it's going to be an exciting spiritual journey!

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