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What to expect with a Psychic, Tarot and Spiritual Reading

What you get out of a Psychic or Tarot reading really depends on what expectations your have before your psychic reading. Misconceptions over the years by movies of gypsies with a crystal ball or Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost talking to the dead have caused confusion about spiritulity and could leave you disappointed.


Psychic and Tarot  readings are not intended to tell just your future or tell you the choices you need make.


It's actually a tool that guides you to find answers from the most powerful spiritual source with in. When you receive your psychic reading, you will unlock doors to options and issues you may experience or receive confirmation and guidance to a particular path you need to take.

Only you know which direction to choose and can and should only be made by you.


During a Psychic love or Tarot reading,  psychic Ann can pick up on specific events, situations, or places from the energy, Regardless of the type of reading you do receive, it's important that you understand you have the power, the strength and the self-confidence to decide what you are going to do with the information given to you.




Have an open mind to receiving a Tarot or psychic reading.


Think of everything you need clarification on before going to your tarot reading.


Write down what you are needing guidance for.


During the psychic reading, you can take notes.

Often you will receive a lot of information in a short amount of time and sometimes won’t be able to process it.


The Tarot reading can give you most of the information you need in about 20 minutes.

30 minute reading gives you a a little more time to ask a few questions, keep in mind longer readings will cover more in  areas in your life, the choice is up to you.


Don’t test the Psychic and go in with a ‘prove it to me your psychic’ attitude. Remember you are paying the reader for their time and gift of interpreting Tarot cards to unlock spiritual messages for you, not try to prove their clairvoyant and psychic ability


Never expect a psychic reader to solve all your problem or fix you in one reading, psychics are human too.


You have the power to make changes your circumstances.


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