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Psychic Readings via Email



After you've submitted payment for your reading, come back to this page 

(paypal will not redirect you) and scroll to the bottom of this page t


This form gets higher priority than sending an email with your information, that will cause a delay.

Please allow up to 72-96 hours for email readings, depending on demand and Anna's schedule.

Phone and chat do get higher priority. If you are in urgent need for answers and guidance, please consider phone or chat reading session (booked with in 24 hours or sooner).


Email readings are completed in the order they are received. thank you for your patience.

$12.50 Express Reading 2 Cards
 1 Question
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$23 Mini Tarot Reading 3 cards
Up to 2 Questions
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$30 Tarot Reading 4 cards
Up to 3 Questions
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$40 Tarot Spiritual 6 Cards
Up to 4 Questions 
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$50 Tarot Spiritual 7 Cards
Up to 5 questions
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$60 Tarot Spiritual 8 Cards
Up to 6 questions
$90 Spiritual Energy Love Reading
Spiritual and energy reading through the use of oracle and Angel cards - guidance with life & Relationship decisions. 12 card spread & spiritual channeling (Up to 9 questions).
$80 Full life Soulmate Oracle Reading
(Love and Relationship reading) Clarity in relationship issues.
Provides spiritual guidance and outcome.
10 card spread (Up to 8 questions)
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$150 Complete Love Soulmate And Twinflame
Most in depth accurate reading on Soulmates and Twinflame connection. Find out if you and your partner are Soul connected. Channeling through Spirit Guides to determines type of Soul connection, using oracle and spirit guides to get answers and gives the outcome of your love relationship. (Include your Photo if available) 
Oracle Tarot 16 card spread, and Clairvoyance (Up 16 questions).
$125 Soulmate Relationship and Psychic Energy 
Energy Aura reading on Soulmates, Twinflames. Using Angel and oracle cards to get messages with your current situation and determining the outcome of the situation.  determining the type of Soulmate connection and the outcome of your relationship.  Oracle, Tarot and Angel cards 14 cards, Crystals, Energy aura and Clairvoyance (Up to 13 questions).
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Submit this form after you have purchased your reading

Your reading will be sent within 72 - 96 hours or sooner depending on demand.

FYI: Email Readings can take up to week during American Holidays.

Contact Ann If you don't hear back from Ann after 72 hours to get an an approximate time for your reading.

Or if you have problems with the submission form

 contact Ann Or text +1-216-273-2011

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