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Psychic Readings and Services offered by Anna

Psychic Ann offers a variety of psychic services: Psychic, Tarot and clairvoyant crystals phone readings by appointment only, she also offers guided past live meditations to help with balancing spiritual energy and soulmate energies.


Psychic Ann is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, psychic reader, a certified reiki master and energy chakra healer. Psychic Ann visualizes energy, and the energy of your loved ones in your life and issues you may have, messages and are given from the spirit guides, psychic ann will interpet theose messages and pick up your energy in the present, in the past and future, helping you find a solution to your problem with honest and true answers (no sugar coating).


Psychic Ann helps with spiritual healing, learning, growth with empowerment over your situation. She will help you create positive changes in your daily path step by step.


At an early age Psychic Ann started to feel spiritual energy from friends and family and  then saw visions that she did not understand. As psychic Ann got older she began to realize her a gift, not only for loved ones but to help people as well.


Psychic's tarot readings are channeled though spirit guides feeling the the vibrations and the energy through your voice and communicates your spirit guides to give you a complete understanding of what is ahead for you and your true soulmate, giving you accurate answers and advice to achieve a sence to balance and peace through your life.


Be prepared for the truth, Psychic Ann will not tell you only what you want to hear (no sugar coating or offering any false hope), Psychic is very kind and gentle with clients, however, her psychic  and Tarot readings are sometimes painfully honest. Psychic Ann will also help you focus on the truth with given circumstances and help guide a light for positive change in your life.


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