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Soulmate and Twinflames

Q & A about Divine Soulmates, Karmic flames, Twin Souls & Twin Flames



There are many types of soul mates - Twin flames, true Soul mates and karmic energy, this can get confusing. The Soul mate connection has an amazingly bond together, a soul mate comes into your life in order to make a strong impact. You can't go out looking for your soulmate or your twin flame.


Twinflames are in the Soulmate group but are the other half of each other. Twinflames usually go through past live together and reunite with their twinflame in the current life, this a 50% chance that they will meet up, no everyone finds their Twinsoul.

What is a Soul mate or Twin Flame connection?

They share a sacred spiritual connection, soul mate tie, compatible soul mates, karmic soulmates and twin, it does not matter what you want to call them, all are related to the Soul mate connection.


What is stronger the Twin flame or Soul mate?

A soul mate is deep spiritual energy, yes the Twinflame and Soulmate both share deep intense energies. Twin flames share an intense vitality, the Soul mate connection are soul friends. There are several varieties of Soulmates, they can be your friends, co-workers, family, and yes even our pets. With these certain negativities and turmoil that they usually always go happen with twinflame, it makes it a challenge  to discover peace with your Twin flame, never separated for long but always drawned to each another.

How can I tell if this person is my soulmate or Twin flame?

Soul mates are strong and you can feel their energy no matter what. There are reasons they have entered in your life. The Twin flame connection is the other half of you, the main center of your spirit. It does take work to live in harmony and peace, a lot of people can confuse a Twinflame for their Soul mate or even a false twinflame or soulmate.


Everyone has a Twinflame, they are out there but not everyone will meet up, this is not a bad thing but something that has to come together when the universe permits them to be together. Twinflames almost will experience negative issues, turmoil and drama in their love relationship, could be a huge age difference, live many of miles away, married to someone else or have many issues with the runner and chaser relationship.

This is where the runner is not willing to accept or open their heart, and it could take years before it would.


You instantly feel and know when you first meet your twin flame, it's an extremely compelling bond that it brings intense sexuality and emotional feelings between them. They can look similar, almost the same facial features. Twin flames have so much in common.


No matter their situation at the currant time, they could be with other partners, they will always find each another and sometimes years to reconnect.

What happens when I find my Twin flame?

It's an intense bond you will be so drawned. You can't let go of this soul connection, this spiritual bond is extremely intense. In most cases it takes time before they connect. It will never separate.

Is a Twin flame relationship a toxic relationship?

Twinflames are very compelling towards each other,  you can feel what they feel. Even if separated and apart. You can sense this energy any where you are in the world, distance is not an issue, they are bonded no matter what. It's beautiful and dramatic connection. Many people cannot deal with the intense energy and may choose to live without it, it is not advisable. This is free will taking place we all have choices. You can never feel for someone as you do with your twin flame connection.

How do I locate My Twin flame, True Soulmate, Twin Ray, Past Life or karmic or Soul bond?

A very common and frequent question I’m most asked, Never go on searching. Yet keeping yourself opened with clear mind with each of your soul relationships. The first step is concentrating on you. Try not to spend so much time seeking your Soul mate or Twinflame connection.


You will never find them and it will end up in disappointment.You will meet in this lifetime or the next, but always focus on your objectives and on the valuable lesson is making yourself happy.


What is a past life energy connection?

When you are brought into the world to find us back together to correct what was done in the past life. We are here for a short time passing through to make our own decisions and choices for existence until the end. When we can't connect, we return in to the following life time - reliving and fixing our mistakes.

People from past lives will feel a “Déjà vu”, realizing you have been there in a certain spot or even knew a person. This It all happens for a reason.

How do we know that we had a past-life?

We have flashes of past lives, I'm not sure how this all can be taught. You will have visions and impressions of past lives in dreams. Through your sleeping time, the subconscious mind (the spirit takes over) becomes open to the soul.

So what is the better soul relationship - Soulmates or Twin flames?

They are equal in a sense and equivalent to the situation of a love relationship. There is a psychic bond that cannot be cut, it's extreme, they can break-up and then reconnect all over and over in every life.


I will be adding more details to my blog on soulmate and twinflame connections to help  understand soulmate and twinflame connections.

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