As a spiritually gifted psychic, Psychic Anna has been developing her psychic abilities since since she was in her teens, being a 3rd generation psychic spiritualist, she has helped people and traveled all over the world helping other find guidence in all matters of life, specializing in love and relationships.


With her clairsentient and clairvoyant abilitlies, Psychic Anna can tune into your current situation offering you direction and clarity on your spiritual path ahead.


With over 30 years experience of in-person, online chat and phone readings, Psychic Anne specializes in all love and Soulmate connections. She is currently writing her first book "Soul mates & Twin Soul connections". Psychic Anna has been facinated by the soulmate energies, they are all unique; she has been researching and using soul mate and twin flames subjects for over 10 years, by learning and understanding more about the spiritual connection you share with your partner, ex relationship or looking for your soul mate. A psychic reading with Anna will help you find the true answers you are looking for. Psychic Anna uses spiritual energy, Tarot cards and crystals, also channeling the spirit guides where she feels a deeper psychic connection is required in order to give accurate and honest answers in your psychic reading.


Psychic Anna is Born under the astrology sign of Scorpio, she is blessed with many spiritual psychic gifts also remote visionary abilities. Psychic Anne discovered she had clairvoyant when she was 5 and knew back then at young age she had a psychic calling to spirituality and helping others.


Psychic Anna always had a curiosity of the mysteries of life, and spirituality; she doesn't practice any magic. Psychic Anna is Empathic and able to channel loved ones energy, heart to heart and finding the truth, their intentions and fears.


Psychic Anna's spiritual gift allows her to help you through tough times that you may be going through, also avoid obsticles and negativity ahead.


Psychic Anna is a Spiritualist and Reiki healer and offers reiki treatments and long distance healings.

Anna Elizabeth

Soul mate Psychic reader Reiki Master and spiritual Coach
30 years experience with helping soumates reunite.


psychic ann give expert spiritual advice on all love and relationship situations, she has many years exeperience with all soulmates and twinflame connections.
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