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Twinflame - Runner & Chaser Phase

Soulmate connections These are the people that we connect very easily with and usually are extremely compatible with us in love relationships. Although the intensity may not be there, like it is with twin flames or karmic connections, they are very easy to live with. The karmic soul connection is when there is a deep intensity that you feel for that person without understanding what it is sometimes, (very similar to twinflames) knowing deep in your heart there is some type of unfinished business with healing from something in the past life, it can be extremely painful for most. Usually there is a life lesson to be learned with this type of relationship and then there is total closure when it is complete, usually they don't linger on for too long.

The Twin flame connection This is when you feel a magnetic pull towards someone and you may not even know them very well, there is some type of compelled energy that connects you both together, no matter in what situation you both may be in. Many times they seem forbidden or unreachable, but this energy is so strong and so intense that over time it actually connects them together, it doesn’t matter how far apart they are or if they are with other people.

Twin flames are one spirit split into two at the beginning. When one twin is more awake than the other, this can cause the chaser and the runner phase. Twin flames are always working on themselves and they need their other half to complete themselves. There's always one who is much stronger than the other, while the other is unaware of spirituality or doesn't understand it completely. The runner does not have to be running from their other half but actually running from the energy they share together, it is so compelling and extreme. Chasers are not exactly chasing the runner, but they understand more and know that there's something deeper that lies between them too that they need to work together to figure this out to be complete as one. There is so much deep intense love and energy that the chaser feels for their other half and it's something that they can never duplicate with another. Whenever the twin flame runner runs, The chaser can feel the intense surge of emotional energy that cuts like a knife through the heart. And will do almost anything to try to reunite and reconnect with their twin.

The emotional pain with the runner There's emotional energy from past lives that can affect the twin soul balance in the current lifetime. This has a lot to do with twin flames going through their cycles with each lifetime trying to get it right bonding and merging their spirits together. Chasers know that there is something there between them, that their love is eternal and will stop at nothing to reunite with the runner. The chaser does go through an emotional turning point that they may even completely block themselves from the runner sometimes even becoming numb from all the pain that they've experienced from their other half that the build up a barrier from feeling the love but it is always there, as soon as they are in communication the barrier is broken, the chaser is back to chasing and it continues all over again. This usually happens when there is a long period of separation with runner and chasers coming together and when the chaser knows they need to be calm and try to deal with the situation not run from it. The runner will continue to wait knowing they will reunite in this life.

The awakening Deep inside they both know they are being challenged in their life, and know that they have a soul mission to pursue on their journey together. Runners go through just as much pain as Chasers if not more, since they are not awake, they are spiritually lost and afraid.

Runner and chaser roles sometimes can be reversed, and vice versa a few times before they finally awakened.

They have a soul mission that has to be completed before they are finally are reunited in harmony. Although for many, it takes months or years, the energy can make it extremely tough to get through it, but having an understanding that once, one twin awakens the other will follow. Twin flames have many tests, trials and life lessons to learn, there are many challenges that they face in order to be complete. The process of twin souls coming together can be extremely difficult and very painful, but also the most amazing and beautiful connection that you will ever share with anyone in your whole life. When the runner finally awakens they both will be lifted to a higher 5D level together they can do many things to help humanity and the world. This is a sacred bond that nobody can break or duplicate with any other.

How to Find Your Soulmate or Twinflame With twin flame connections, it's never a relationship that is what you would look for that is ideal but it's perfect when you do find your other half. Twin flame sometimes are not physically attracted to each other at first, But very drawn to one another spiritually, they are sometimes in other relationships, living many miles apart, having a huge age difference, money issues there can be many different reasons with even cultures and religions, it can go on. Not everybody will meet their twin flame in a lifetime, they can be very content with their soulmate. This is why I'm highly advising people not to go looking for specific type of soulmate or twin flame. Sometimes we are sent people as steppingstones in order to help us get to where we need to go on our path to find that special someone that is either your soulmate or twin flame.

This is why if you don't have that deep intense connection with someone you meet, don't worry there may be a purpose why you two were sent together. Never pass up an opportunity to that seems positive with someone. Always believe and keep a positive outlook in life to find true happiness in a love relationship

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