Understanding Soul mates, Twinflames and Soul Bond Connections

Soul Bond Energy

Soul energy comes from a deep source that bonds and connects everything to the universe - the force brings everyone through unity.

Everyone is connected by Spiritual Energy. Sometimes it has been called many different things and there are different views on how Soul Energy awakens of a person's life.

Most everyone agrees that when someone has awareness, they have the ability to not only be awake, but also to feel spiritual energy and embrace for many soul purposes.

We are surrounded by Spiritual Energy, Empaths pick up on it immediately most of the time, they don’t understand what they are feeling.

This will happen when we least expect it, we never know the time we are going to meet a certain Soulmate, soul connection or Twin soul (twinflame). All in the same Soul group, each one serving a different purposes in our lives.

Twinflame Connections

Twin souls are created in at the beginning before we are brought into a lifetime. Twins are connected though a deep soul bond that can not be disconnected by any type of force.

When either twins part from their other half, they never feel complete with themselves. With the divine power of love and attraction, they always find each another no matter what.

There's no difference with an age difference, when one half is already in a marriage or a serious committed relationship with someone.

The energy and power of twin flames will always find one another. There is no other way to separate them, their soul energy is the other half of one soul.

While we all have more than soulmate, karmic connections and soul bonds the chances of meeting your Twinflame is 50/50, we all have one but not all will find them in their life time.

The intense soul energy that is shared by Twin souls go further than any other relationship.

When twinflames are incarnated sometimes one half is not completely aware or awake of what they mean to each other, forming the runner and the chaser phase begins of the twinflame.

The main purpose that twin souls are sent in this world, is with working together in unity with using their combined energies as a soul team to live with love and in harmony, many have the challenges until this happens.

Meditation connecting to your Soulmate

When you start meditation. You connect your spirit with soul energy deep inside. if you are in the right mind set you are able to connect with your twin flame or Soul mate. You are meditating on a higher level with soul energy in the core of true existence. The twin flames can tap into one another, especially to the heart of their soul.

When you are with your twinflame, you know everything is complete and total acceptance with yourself. Experiencing complete love, peace and harmony.

Clearing your mind, relax and try a sage cleansing before. Never attempt and tune into your Soulmate's energy until you are totally ready. Sending white light and positive thoughts is the best way for beginers in meditation, then later mastering the spiritual telepathic communication with one another.

Spiritual Energy will manifest itself in the physical world, the first place you want to start is to love yourself first, this will draw and attract your other half closer to you. When you love yourself and say positive affirmations every day, the everything will start falling into place.

This is when you become ultra spiritual and awake of the Twinflame synchronicity and soul mate bond connections that you have with people. You will find that your third eye opens to the universe on a different level.

You will find you are getting more clarity, direction and communication with your angels and spirit guides to reaching your higher self in health and your well being.

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