Why Soulmate - Twin Flame seperations so Painful?

This has been something that I have research for many, many years and still am continuing to find more answers on the Soulmate and Twin flame connections. I have also met my twin flame 15 years ago and I have to say, it's been quite a journey and challenge to say the least. When twin flames come to a divine union, it doesn't mean that everything is a bed of roses, although we wish it would be. There are still many obstacles and challenges they need to go through in order to find harmony. Actually the most difficult part of the divine union with soulmates and twin flame is the merging. They need to accept that sometimes separation between them is necessary. This happens when they need to continue to work on themselves and figure out what they truly want in their lives.

Twin flames mirror one another, when you look into the eyes of your twin you see yourself and an image of you're a true Authentic self. Many times there is faults about yourself that you actually can see within your twin and they can see through you at the same time. Their energies are completely opened with twin flames when they are together.

They can feel each other through a 5D level at the same time they can feel something about themselves that they've never felt before.

Their other half brings them to an enlightenment in their life. Many times it is either one or both that feel the need to run. This is a pain that is often referred to as the Twin flame runner and Chaser stages.

When this happens it can feel as if a part of you is missing and lost in your life, you are totally drained. Where the runner feels the same but not allowing and accepting the truth about themselves, they run and try to hide their emotions.

The extreme energy between twin flames is amplified and it's very difficult to see anything positive in their lives.

Their emotions have been turned upside down and this is when they need to work on themselves. The first step is by loving yourself and giving yourself first priority in everything you do in your life.

Secondly not to think negatively about the situation but come to a spiritual understanding. Knowing that things happen for a reason and you were sent to your twin to unite but when the time is divine. Many times the reasons why we are separated is because The runner is afraid to admit their own truth. Twin flames are one soul split into at the very beginning. They go through lifetime after lifetime trying to get it right and find themselves in a divine union. It is simple as the way magnet is drawn to metal.

They have many trials and challenges. But they are all meant to unite in this lifetime. There are many reasons why the runner can run but it is mainly because of their own insecurities and ego that get in the way of their heart and spirit. Keep in mind that as long as you both are on this earth together, it will come to a divine union when the time is ready.

Remember your twin is connected to you in a way that no other person is connected to them. Nothing can disconnect the twin flames connection. Many times they have karmic energy to work on themselves before they are ready to come to the divine union with their twin.

The most important thing is that you follow what your heart is telling you. You cannot or anyone for that matter tell them where their right path is to be. Twin flames need to go through a divine awakening in order to connect and merge with their twin flame. Many times one may be awake and usually is the chaser. When twin flames are separated and there is no contact, it can be extremely stressful and painful. But the one thing you have to remember is not to panic or let go but have faith in your heart, believe and trust that your twin is working on them self, just as you are too.

This is the best time to focus on yourself by raising your vibrational level up.

Part of the healing process is developing your spiritual abilities and energies.

Getting more in tuned with meditation, reiki and other types of spiritual tools will help you develop your spiritual awareness. It will be the most amazing experience when you both are ready to merge and come to a divine union.

There is an ultimate power that you both have, that needs to be perfected first before you both can unite together as one. Twin flames mirror one another, so when one has fear in their heart or tries to control the connection. They can feel it and automatically turns to an ego-based energy. They cannot disconnect or change anything. This is why it is very important for you to get deeper into spirituality to cope with the high and low effects with The divine soul union process. Do you have a question about your love situation?

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