Twinflame Energy Reading - Cutting Cords to Manifest The Divine Union

This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twinflames & Divine Partners.

If you landed on this reading and it doesn't match up to the dates, this reading was sent to you and is revealing a special message for you.

Watch this video completely to receive the message from the Angels.

Cut your cords

Cutting your cords doesn't necessarily mean cutting off ties and cutting everything off of from a certain person or certain crowd you are on is necessary to help you clear negativity. It's time to cut your cords from certain situations in your life maybe they don't seem to be as intense as other times, but this is a time to disconnect from a certain situation that is burdening you and find you were a true center.

Emotional sensitivity

This starts when you are focused on the pain body that is stuck inside of you because of what happened in your past, maybe wasn't with that person or maybe it was with that person or maybe it just happened in it and a time in your life or you didn't expect it this is it time to cut those course this is the time to let go let loose don't look at what happened and why didn't things open for you in and you couldn't see things positively with that person.


This is a message tell you to Stop doing something in your life maybe there is a habit in your life maybe there is something that you're consuming too much of maybe there is something that you haven't really done for yourself if you need to move more and exercise and exercise is not just go to the gym, lift weights or get on the treadmill this is great but can get boring you need to focus on getting yourself in a in a better atmosphere in your life exercise can benefit you in everything that you do with your spiritual growth.

Clear yourself

Clearing your energy in many ways and this is the perfect time to do this. First cleaning out Toxins of your body, maybe going for a total detox on juice cleanse or it's just eating clean vegetables and stay way from meat for maybe a week I do that to you know this it's good to be vegan one day vegetarian another Paleo another day I mean it's all about working in a good balance healthy diet clearing out toxins negativities because we accumulate that and even in a spiritual sense when we are around people who are negative for giving us a hard time in her life when reflecting a lot of that energy.

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