Twin flame/Soulmate Runner Stops Running

When twin flames meet for the very first time, they may or may not recognize their other half but a whole new world opens to the spiritual realm. Their life completely changes right around, that awakens their inner spirit to a higher 5D level. The spiritual and psychic connection between twin flames is very powerful and takes them to unconditional love with total bliss. Many times at the beginning there are certain phases that twin souls experience before merging their spirits together to the divine union, the most common are the runner and a chaser stages. Runners are not running because of the lack of love but actually too much love, and afraid of acceptance with their other half. Chasers may not understand why the runners run away and feel sometimes like fools chasing after someone that is in such turmoil and resistance.

Runner and Chasers need to find serenity

No matter how much the runner runs there is always that magnetic pull that brings them back sooner or later, and with chasers they cannot successfully cut ties or chords to disconnect from their twin. And this vicious cycle sometimes can go on for a while, sometimes even years, that they find themselves going in different directions trying to complete the trials and tests that they need to go through in order to perfect and be ready for the divine union of the twin flame connection. There are so many different theories on twin flame runners and chasers reuniting or if they will reunite in this lifetime and this is one of the most asked questions with twin flames that I'm asked almost every day, and the answer is YES when runners are running, it's not because they are not meant to be together but they are trying to find their way back home to their other half and sometimes can get sidetracked by different circumstances but everyone is different why they run, although it's a common phase for twin flames, no two situations are the same.

What causes the runner phase?

Runners are not always at the start, the runner phase many times can be reversed. I have seen many times the runner and chaser rolls reverse and then re-reverse until they finally both become stayers, once they are both ready and fully awakened. Many times they are running from things that they don't understand and the main source is a fear from within. The best thing to do, is let them run and figure it out when they are ready. They will come back once they realize where they are in life and awaken to their spiritual truth. The runner needs the chaser and both have masculine and feminine energy that need to balance in harmony together as one. Many times when twin flames come together and are not ready for the divine union, the relationship can cause emotional pain, chaos and drama, eventually drifting away and breaking apart, sometimes for many years and then find themselves back together once they have completed their life lessons and are ready for the divine union with one another. It is very important to love yourself for this divine union to come together. Even if one half is awakened and the other is still searching for something (Runner) this love is unconditional and can be transferred and reciprocated back-and-forth until they are reunited. Working on yourself sometimes can be a challenge, we can't always be positive 24/7 but doing what allows your soul to live and explore helps with the spiritual process that will inspire you to move forward.

Now that we are at the beginning of 2017, it's a good time to start with making positive goals for the year and my favorite is positive affirmations first thing in the morning. Try writing them down in your daily planner:

  1. I love you with all my heart!

  2. I am beautiful inside out!

  3. I am powerful!

  4. I am Loved!

  5. I am free!

  6. I am strong!

  7. I am amazing!

Yes I know sometimes we don't feel al these things but the more you say these things, your brain starts to feel and your body absorbs, and in return this will actually manifest the energy deep inside you that it will surround your aura. Focusing on the physical really helps with bringing out the true beauty and optimal health in you. I'm a strong advocate on healthy and clean eating along with exercise, but with these things combined they can actually help you stay strong, so that you can find your way back with your twin flame. Do what makes you happy and not focus on your other half right now if they are not ready, sending positive energy to your twin along with having Love, faith and patience is the key to coming together Now is the time to focus on you!

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