🔥TWIN FLAMES WAKING UP 2020🔥DM breaking free of Fear & anger issues ❤️Changes happening NOW! 1/19

This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twin flames & Divine Partners 1/19-26/2020

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Release and surrender From fear to fuel Notice the signs Plant seeds of intention The energy shifts are definitely creating changes with a Soul connection collective. It’s about letting go and starting over again.

The divine masculine is releasing fear and negativity from the past. This has been taking a toll on the DM for some time now and as they start to remove the outer layer, they begin to see the inner truth. Assertiveness The return Acceptance Discover your Superpower

Healing takes time and the divine feminine has the strength to get through the challenges they face. But are they accepting who they truly are and being assertive on what they truly want in their life?

This is where changes are happening and the DF is starting to realize that it’s time to take charge and control and owning their own superpower.

They are in control of everything as they start to realize that they are able to conquer these life challenges as they start opening their hearts to the truth. A double Awaking is manifesting as it brings changes for both DF and DM, Love is in the air! for Divine partners! Daily guidance from your angels a Oracle cards Doreen virtue (Hay house Publishing)

The heroes journey dream oracle Kelly Sullivan Walden (Blue angel publishing)

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