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https://www.lovereader.net/ With everything going on in the world, the energy this month has been very intense!

This may you feel more emotionally challenged in your current relationship or feeling distant. This is the time when they know there’s more potential and it’s time to stop looking at the glass half empty but knowing that there are better things coming.

The message is clear here, the situation will improve no matter what it is, you just need to dig deep and find your inner strength and light.

There are changes that are happening with all divine counterparts (soulmates & Twin flames). Releasing and letting go of energy that has been keeping you at a standstill.The emotional surge of energy is heightened, as you begin to open your inner truth, There is a healing and awareness happening. Forgiveness is the key and know that you have done nothing wrong, Let go of past issues and take your power back. Have faith in your divine counterpart and trusting what you feel in your heart by keeping an open mind as the union is near.

Strength, forgiveness, breeze, nature.

The spirit messages daily guidance Oracle John Holland

Hayhouse publishing

Inner truths, Acceptance of love, intuition, be true to your heart. Natures whispers Angela Hartfield Josephine wall blue Angel Publishing

Back to what you love, listen with your hearts, miracles and blessings, love is all around you.

Whispers of love Angela Hartfield Josephine wall

BlueAngel Publishing

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These are messages from the divine, take what resonates with you. You may also want take notes of the messages or revisit this video. Many times we are not open to receive those messages but at a later time, we can resonate with the messages on a deeper level.

This reading is a love reading focusing on Divine counterparts (including Soulmates, Twin flames & all spiritual love relationships). My mission is offer these readings online free to help as many people on this soul journey, I hope these videos help you with your current situation,


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