❤️ TWIN FLAMES READING ❤️ ENERGY SHIFTS - DM Releases Fear & STOPS RUNNING ❤️Awakening to Truth

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Divine masculines are beginning to see and notice that something is changing inside them and are taking a step forward.

It is a blessing in disguise and though it will take them out of their comfort zone. As their awakening begins, it’s allowing them to listen to their higher selves. As they surrender and realize their inner truth, new beginnings are about to happen, especially when it comes to Love.

The energy has been taking divine feminines through emotional highs and lows, but this is all part of the growing process in order for DF to come to terms with their past.

There is an awakening about to happen for both divine masculine and feminine energies. There is a lot of changes, negative & positive that will manifest into an alignment before they see a positive outcome.


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