Q & A Soulmates and Twin flames - Part 5

What if you know that you have a strong connection and can't let go of that person but they don't know it, what do you do?

In this type of situation, there is not a lot that you can do to let them know.When you choose to let go of that person, it seems that nothing will disconnect you.This has a lot to do with destiny and the life lessons that two people need to go through in order to achieve that higher level of being as one. My advice: don't put too much into how to let that person know but more into loving yourself and putting yourself first so that the energy is surrounded by a total abundance of happiness.

My question is: doI meet my karmic soulmate after my twin flame, does it always happen like this? In some cases yes, when you meet a karmic soulmate, you may not understand why they come into your life and they feel just as strong as a twin flame except that the twin flame never disconnects especially when there is a confliction with the reunion. Karmic soulmates are usually sent when there are karma ties and energy from pastlifes that need to be balanced. Everyone has more than one soulmate and karmic soulmates can come in at any time.

Are we supposed to know instantly if a person is right for us or can this be something that can take time to develop feelings for them?

Well there are different cases and usually when you meet a soulmate, you can feel the vibration energy coming directly from them. When it is a twin flame, there is an instant bond that you know can never be broken, and if there is some type of confliction of fear or an obstacle, the emotions for that person can take time to develop but there is always that magnetic pole that you feel right from the start with or without emotional feelings for that person, if that makes sense? There's just so much with emotional energy and spiritual energy that always comes together no matter what.

Why is the runner so scared to be truly loved? Well most of you know that I was a runner myself and I can answer this question that the fear has nothing to do with that other person.It is actually what's inside your heart that they were afraid of and it's almost like they don't want to explore what they truly feel deep inside and they bury it causing a complete block of love. But runners don't run forever, it does take time but they do come out of it.

I've been catching 1111 a lot for a while now and I want to know what is the connection between that and the soulmates? This is an angelic number and it has a lot to do with soulmates and twin flames coming together, Many times it has a lot to do with a sign why the number 1111 appears anonymously without even realizing the clock is 1111 or the microwave is 1111 and so on ..It is just a way that the universe is letting you know that something is happening. Also, there are other signs that occur with names appearing at various places, a certain song that reminds you of that person or even the beautiful fragrance of someone.Signs are everywhere and it's a good idea to write them down in a journal to keep track.

What if your twin flame/soulmate is with someone else? I have answered this in previous videos and I will do it again, when your soulmate or twinflameis with someone else, this is something that is a part of a life lesson and until they become awake, they do not know where they're at and there is not a lot you can do to change a situation like this, but the one thing I would highly recommend is getting more in tuned with spirituality and especially with meditation.It does help with the energy between the union with soulmates.

Do you feel that you can be friends with your twin flame, if they are married and you are single? Or is that too hard? This depends when you meet your twin flame, you know that there is something compelling you two together and there are different circumstances that can interfere with them being in a romantic relationship.It doesn't always have to be a romantic energy but they can't be friends, but the one thing you have to remember if that they start off in a romantic relationship.It is very difficult for them to ever find it to go back to being just friendship when they were reunited in the physical sense.