Solar Eclipse Energy - Brings Divine Spiritual Union ~ Soulmate Twin Flames Reading

The Total Solar Eclipse is on August 21st along with many Energy shifts in the months of August/September.

The energy is amplified higher (especially for all Soulmates and Twin flames connections), in this shift, Soulmates will experience turbulence and then a surge. This is all coming to a balance that with this amazing and powerful energy shift that is happening with the total Solar Eclipse.

I will Bring a divine Union for the soulmates and their future or finding love with someone you have always dreamed of.

This is spiritual reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twinflames & Divine Partners during the Solar Eclipse.

Watch the video completely to understand receive the message from the Angels with your situation.

The cards that were used the psychic tarot oracle cards:

Awareness There is an awareness here that you need to be open especially now during this solar eclipse, it is something that's going to amplify a lot of emotions and feelings and it is coming soon, and you need to know that it's time for you to stop looking at yourself in the In way that maybe a superficial way or maybe a way that you're not empowering your life into a higher level.

Partnerships and alliances

This is the perfect time for the partnership area and and making friends with peace with people, it's also letting everything go, maybe you've come to terms with with a specific person, many times that's your soulmate many times we have certain things that haunt us. And we hold a grudge that's the ego part of it. This is the time to bring peace in your heart and let go of negative energy.

Spiritual Union

It is two people who are in love and are merging together. We are sent different people and it's all about the here and now, it's all about what is meant for you at this moment is not what you think would you think is the ideal spiritual connection, it's all what the universe is sending you and a spiritual union is going to happen or it's about getting back into a relationship with someone from your past or coming together with someone that you are involved with and are not getting along with, this is about coming to a spiritual union but the only way that can happen is when you have that alliance with yourself.

New beginnings

There is something changing and coming to terms with your situation, because that's where you need to get like into you need to get into like more of a spiritual base energy in your life, the ego is going to tell you it's got to happen, you need to be open to the new beginnings, it all happens with divine timing and new beginnings are coming this is the time you need to be ready no matter what. Divine masculine and Divine feminine energies coming together during this solar eclipse, the moon and the sun is going to be passing from one another which is negative and positive and feminine and masculine. _ If you have a question, let me know in the comments area and I will help you the best way I can. Be sure to like, subscribe and share with anyone who can use a psychic guidance.

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