Mercury Retrograde - Energy Shifts with Soulmates & Twin Flames

Yes Mercury Retrograde is back!

Mercury retrograde has begun but it does not have to be gloom and doom for everyone.

Mercury retrograde starts on August 12 2017 until September 5 2017 and this time it is in Virgo, Mercury is the ruler of Virgo so this retrograde is going to be very interesting. Focusing on emotions and deep reflection of past situation. At the same time searching a new direction in life. This is not a good time to make any new business transactions, sign any contracts or buy new electronics.

Mercury Retrograde happens about 3-4 times a year and lasts about approx 3 weeks. You can always tell when it Mercury retrograde starts. There is a 2 week shadow period before and after the retrograde.

With all of the energy shifts in this month, Mercury retrograde is going to bring some emotional energies that can stir up things a bit. This is not the time to analyze and dig deep into your future events. With all the energy shifts, you need to think about and focus on yourself, your wellbeing.

Disagreements with loved ones

Try to avoid any emotional conflict with communication and disagreements with your relationship, spouse or soulmate. You may say something or do something that you may regret. Especially for love relationships and soulmates. Think before you speak!

Mercury retrograde actually serves many different purposes besides making everything go haywire with communications. This is the time to actually we balance things in your life. It's also a time when you can re-visit past situations and reflect.

Manifesting the energy with Mercury retrograde doesn't mean to think about your past but it is about reflecting.

Meditating On love and light during Mercury retrograde is the first step to manifesting love into your life.

soulmates and twin flames come to a divine union during Mercury retrograde more than any other time in the

calendar year.

Do you have a question about your love situation and what impact will mercury retrograde have on you?

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