Soulmate Twin flames Reading - Healing & Letting go - New Love - Romance

Watch this video completely to receive the message from the Angels.

This is a reading focusing on love, romance, Soulmates, Twinflames also Divine Partners.

There were many spiritual events that happened with Lions gateway, mercury retrograde, lunar and powerful solar eclipse all in one month August 2017. This created many energy shifts that happened and you can still be feel it for the next few months.

This Love reading is focusing on healing and balancing your energy. I've also included 2 bonus cards for the energy messages that have been flowing through making this reading is more lengthy reading.

The cards - Healing with the Angels oracle cards.

Release and surrender

The feminine energies is what a lot of us hold onto sometimes we tend to keep everything bottled up inside, we keep that fit that feeling of "no I can't move forward, no I can't change", because the mind is fixated at this is the way it has to be. The feminine energy wants to be happy. It's time to release and surrender this excess baggage you're holding onto.


Keeping Natural healing process this will take over our spirit and really send us to into a level in our life because if we're not in empowering ourself that's we are not growing and healing.

Self acceptance Self acceptance is very important for yourself you are giving yourself self love and sometimes we get caught up with work we get caught up with our families, friend's spouse expectations and we tend to neglect the true person we love "ourselves". We need to love ourselves first.


To your relationship maybe a relationship is not seeing you for who you are and like I said before that healing process needs to take place because if that healing process doesn't happen you're never going to emerge you need to get out there and start doing something about it. Allowing the universe to help you emerge the true you out into the world.

Bonus oracle cards

Romance A romantic energy is going to start emerging in your future. Do you need to work on yourself and order to welcome the romance in your life

Meditation Meditation is what this angel of love is doing right now in order to gain a higher consciousness of love and vibrations you definitely need to meditate you need to focus on yourself center your spirit and really focus on yourself _ If you have a question, about your situation click here for one free question answered by Ann.

(one per person please)

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