💖Soulmate Twin flame Energy Reading 💖DM Awaking is happening - Letting go - New beginnings

Cards that were used: Sacred traveler oracle cards by Denise Linn

Choosing your path:

Springtime is a new beginning. The divine masculine is now choosing his path. Awakening to The feeling of spring. It’s all about rebirth and starting over again. Now you could be going through a relationship where that relationship doesn't seem like it’s going anywhere because your soulmate is dragging their feet, they’re not looking at what is in front of them they are not opening the door for love in their life because they’re afraid and this is very common with the runner and the chaser in every every group there is a runner and a chaser it’s a lot of people think it’s just a twin flame. The runner starting to awaken and open their eyes to the truth.

Overcoming obstacles:

There many obstacles that you may be facing right now, but the most important thing you have to remember is to not let the feeling of insecurity overwhelm you. Twin flames go through a lot of the purging and deep releasing. Challenges happen to get us stronger and if they’re not getting stronger, we are giving into insecurity and actually getting weaker and that goes with all so many connections.

Begin now:

First step is letting go of what is causing you to feel like you can’t take that first step and start moving forward. Now this may be an obstacle in your life and it is preventing you from moving forward with your Divine Soulmate or twin flame.

Divine feminine needs to start needs to start opening up and need to start embracing love. I know that we talk about this a lot with feeling love, having love, and loving yourself.

You may say yes I love myself but sometimes we don’t exactly cherish our self and we don’t like our self that we are not embracing The love within ourselves and that’s why we have to start we have to begin now.


It's important to ground yourself and its all coming from with in, if we don’t ground ourselves, take step back and look and listen and see what’s around you were never going to find our true center our happiness and our overall peace that we feel in our heart and when it comes to relationship maybe you’re saying well this person just doesn’t get me.

I’ve been with him for 10, 5 or 3 years. it may be some years or months and it leaves you wondering why doesn’t he or she get me, I mean I’ve been expressing what I feel for them, but they don’t express it back to me they’re giving me love to a certain degree but they’re not giving enough and I don’t feel like complete.

Is it time to start loving yourself and loving them and give it to them everything that you feel everything that you want ground yourself love yourself because automatically you’re going to feel the love that they’re trying to give you that they’re sending you.

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