💖Soulmate Twin flames Reading 💖4/22 ~ DM Facing fears coming to awakening for Divine Union

Oracle Cards in this reading:

Face your fears:

This message keeps coming out in almost every reading this is divine telling us that we need to face our fears and acknowledge what is troubling us also what we are holding onto. this card represents the divine masculine, he is trying to move forward and get out there, is awakening and he wants more he is finding himself and staring to let go of that fear-based Energy that prevents him from finding his true happiness and connect with the Divine feminine.


This card is about to divine masculine and the Divine feminine, now divine feminine has been working on herself but she is a scared just like the divine masculine and as we seen in the previous readings wanting to strike back, that’s the fear-based energy because she’s not taking it slow, so she can grow spiritually with her divine partner her love relationship, and many times can be ego creating the fear, maybe this is a relationship that she needs to examine a little further that something is happening, she feeling I need to rise up and embrace the love and truth inside of her.


Going away for a little while is what you need to get release stressful energy has been pulling you down this past month and you’re feeling as if you don’t like what you have become anymore and you may need to get away, it’s not about a long vacation somewhere exotic and Its all about embracing New surrounding that is wonderful, but if you can get away for whatever time that you need to and just take a break for a day go somewhere different change of environment, a change of scenery can actually help you empower yourself so that you don’t feel the negative effects of the same situation this can actually inspire you, I always say go someplace different.


Take time out for yourself in anyway how do you reflect love how do you feel love when you’re always keeping yourself locked up feeling I can’t get out or I can’t do anything because I need to wake up early for work and I come home late and I don’t have time to eat, I just on the run, you are are just working for someone else and that you are not free. I mean freedom is everything letting go is everything freedom is what you need to do now maybe your schedule is hectic and I understand about those things.

It’s best to re-charge batteries now I highly recommend it if you can do this at least twice a week and and unwind with celebration.

If you are not sharing enough time with your divine partner, they’re feeling neglected and then that’s when problems can cause distractions and negativities.

Cards used Mystical Wisdom card deck Guthrie If you would like to purchase these cards click the link below http://soulconnections.net/readings-services/tarot/

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