Twin flames Soulmates - Overcoming Challenges & Obstacles With Union

How to overcome the struggle and challenges in Twin flames union? This is a very common question that I’m asked almost every day, and how to avoid the chaos and separation that they are facing. This is part of the soul process not only just with twin flames but actually with the whole Soulmate collective. On the Internet, there are many different theories with soulmates and twin flames entering a divine union. This is an incredible and powerful connection that needs to be perfected before they can finally merge together as one. Twin flames are actually mirroring one another. When they look into each other‘s eyes, they can actually see their soul reflection.

When twin flames meet, there is a parallel and constant synchronicity, simultaneously working with them both constantly.

Although the twin flame connection is in the Soulmate collective. Twin flames are actually a little different than typical soulmates.

Yes, Soulmate can mimic the twin flame energy. Twin flames share a very powerful and mystical connection that no other soulmate can duplicate. Not all twins will meet, many times you will be able to feel your twin from a 5D level. Do you know when you meet up with your twin? Your life will not get sold until you finally work on yourself and find your inner truth.

The big question is how do I speed the process?

Actually, there is no way to speed the process or disconnect by cutting ties. This is like saying you can cut your soul in half and disconnect. In order to come to a Union with your twin flame. You must first work on the epic love that you have with your twin, deep inside yourself. It’s all about what is being brought to you at that moment. Twin flames are not just brought here to live a happier life. Yes that is a perk, but it’s not all of it. Twin flames are actually brought together to work on themselves. That may take many months or even years before they are ready.

The key is focusing on yourself!

You are your own divine. If you are not loving yourself. Or doing the things to help yourself grow. You will never evolve with your twin and it will take longer than you anticipated for this divine union. The pain is physical. Because of separation and longing for that person. But actually, spiritually you know that there are things that you need to work on yourself in order to get to that higher level.

Many times we live in a 3-D frequency. Always trying to get to 5D without your twin, and it requires a lot of work and spiritual energy. If we can’t be with our twin, it’s usually because of circumstances with one not being on this Earth together. It sounds very sad, but it will skip to the next lifetime. Twin flames share more than one past life together until they get it right.

Twin flames go through healing, purging and releasing before they can finally find their inner truth.

This is literally impossible to speed this type of process up or try to disconnect from it. The best possible way to avoid hard ache and negativity is focusing on you. As I’ve mentioned. Sometimes we don’t look at ourselves needing this attention. But you are the other half of the person that you may find you cannot live without. Focusing too deeply on what you need and how you need things is going to confuse your spiritual path. This is a time to focus on yourself at a higher level. So that once you start working on yourself. Putting yourself first, you reciprocate that exact energy to your divine partner.

Avoid negative words that you may say to yourself about Your divine partner, Soulmate or twin flame.

For example:

I will never be happy with my twin or any type of love. He or she is not going to come back. Here she is with someone else. My soulmate doesn’t love me anymore. Using these negative words will actually trigger off old past wounds. That can/will prolong your healing and theirs as well for union.

Sometimes there is a karmic involved.

If your twin is involved in a karmic relationship, this has nothing to do with you, right? Actually, it does and this is part of their soul journey to see their inner truth and you are actually picking it up.

Instead of seeing the negative words towards that person, focus on sending white light and positive energy meditation to your twin to get past their life lesson. This involves you in a sense because automatically it’s your karmic energy too. Sometimes these situations become very complicated but the bottom line is focusing on what you truly believe in your heart and allowing the love to flow through your spirit.

This will help your twin work on themselves and feel at peace in order for the union to happen.

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