Worth waiting for


There’s been a lot of the purging and releasing this past month with both divine masculine and feminine.

They both are feeling the effects of new changes and in order to achieve these changes, the divine masculine needs to understand that this is the process.

They are releasing while knowing that it is worth waiting for.

Let go of stress

Refusing to see

The Divine masculines are starting to let go of the stress but there is still a part of them that is afraid; they are refusing to see the light.

Many changes have been happening with the divine masculine as we have seen in the previous readings, but now is the time that they are starting to slowly come to their authentic self and letting go of the stress by refusing to see the light.

Listen to your true feelings

Open up

Sometimes it’s hard to hear our true feelings when there’s ego in the way and the Divine feminines have been going through a purge of their own and a lot has to do with ego-based energy.

With everything that has occurred previously, they are putting it all out there. Opening up to what their true heart is telling them to listen to their true feelings, the love is there and all they have to do is let go of the fear.

Relax – everything’s OK

Just breathe

These two cards are for both divine masculine and feminine, as the divine feminine starts to feel more secure, so does the divine masculine, together they are letting go of fear and doubt, healing the inner truth in order to come to a divine union.

There are many changes about to happen with the twin flame collective. These changes reflect a lot of what has currently happened these past few months.

As Spring (or Autumn) starts to set in, something incredible also activates energies for a divine union.

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❤️How to know the Difference between a Karmic Soulmate or Twin flame?

There’s been a lot of confusion with the karmic soulmates and Counterfeit or False twin flame?

These relationships are actually necessary to help you on your twin flame journey and in order to come to a divine union.

When they are involved in a romantic relationship, they all mimic the same type of intense energy, just as the twin flame dynamic does.

But when something automatically goes wrong, the relationship breaks apart and results in anger, pain and hurt.

Automatically one wants to referred to as a false twin or karmic soulmate.

The truth is that it’s a process and though it may be brutally painful when there is a separation.

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Twin flames and Soulmates, in general, are all spiritually connected.

Twin flames or soulmates?

There are many different types that can connect on different levels. Many times, divine souls are sent to us being brought back from previous lives that we shared.

This will create some very intense energy between them, knowing that they have shared something very secret with each other. This is very common with twin souls, twin flames, twin rays, and even karmic connections; past life connections as well.

Understanding that there are different types of spiritual connections in the Soulmate Collective that serve a different purpose in our lives.

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