❤️DIVINE MASCULINE ❤️Opens Heart & Lets go of Past to Start over ❤️TWIN FLAMES ENERGY UPDATE

This reading is a generalized Love reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twinflames & Divine Partners for the Valentines Day week 2/10-16/2019 ❤️Happy Valentines Day! ❤️

Stay optimistic about your love life.

The Divine masculine is starting to become more optimistic about love and relationships.

There are many changes about to happen with the Divine masculine releasing fears and starting over again, as we’ve seen previously in the past readings.

Something is opening up with both Divine masculine and feminine energies while coming together in a perfect union.

Forgiving and Learning

Forgiving and learning about the past mistakes and why things happen the way they did, to help you evolve and grow spiritually.

The Divine masculine is starting to understand that letting go of negativity and forgiving themselves is helping them to learn more about who they truly are. This will bring their authentic self out in the open.

Love yourself first

In order to find true love, you must first love yourself and as many of us do love ourselves, we don’t really express and open ourselves to the love inside of us.

It’s sad that as much as you think you love yourself, you allow others to dominate you and you end up sabotaging your own happiness? This will create a barrier from you loving yourself.

The Divine feminine is now starting to love and appreciate themselves with gratitude. DF is now starting to feel that they can get the love they deserve because they love themselves unconditionally.

Keep an open mind

When it comes to love and any love relationship, you must keep an open mind. The Divine feminine has been closing themselves off from opening their hearts and blocking the love they feel inside their soul center.