🙏 Saints & Angels Cards 🙏Unboxing of these beautiful cards by Doreen Virtue 🙏

In this video I’ll be unboxed saying the saints and angels oracle cards by Doreen virtue.

A very beautiful and spiritual deck that I am looking so forward to using in the future.

The artwork is beautiful just like all of her other card decks.

Every night I’ve been in boxing a new dec from the many decks I received from my family for Christmas.

I wanted to show you guys how beautiful they are before I start working with them an every night I’ve been unboxing a new deck each day to get to know them. .

I wanted to open each and everyone of them all at once, but I will be posting a new unboxing video until they are all opened. . The artwork is very beautiful.

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Love and light to you beautiful souls💖😘🙏 . #SaintsandAngels #unboxingoraclecards #doreenvirtue #oraclecardreading

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