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Love and accept yourself:

The most important thing you can do is love and accept yourself.

The Divine masculine has been going through a process of purging out negativities and has been at a standstill while trying to move forward. This is a very emotional time. Valentines day can put a lot of pressure on DM and DF.

The first step in order to move past negativity is to love and accept yourself for who you are and not allowing people to bring your soul center down.

The Divine masculine is starting to feel Love & Compassion.

Clear your vibes:

Holding onto grudges and past emotions can create blocks. The DM has been holding onto the past and putting a barrier from moving forward.

The message is about clearing your vibes today in order to move forward and to find true love with inner peace.

Peaceful warrior:

The Divine feminine has been through a lot with emotional purging all throughout last year and still, there is some things that the DF is starting to release, things they did not realize, that they’ve been holding onto excess baggage.

The DF is letting go of past emotional upset. The DF realizes that now is the time to stand tall and be the peaceful warrior that they are, deep inside their soul.

Manifesting miracles:

A time of manifesting your intentions and desires is happening now.

The DF are starting to open themselves to the truth and this is helping them with manifestation & visualization.

This card is telling us that manifesting miracles is part of the process, with that not only getting what you want but finding the true inner love and light inside your soul.

The DF is starting to feel love and releasing everything that does not serve a purpose in their life.

In return, the Divine feminine & masculine are manifesting miracles in order to come together for a Divine union.


Angel prayers Oracle cards – Kyle gray

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