💖 FULL MOON 💖Soulmate Twin flame Energy Reading 💖4/29 Intensifying LOVE emotions for Relationshi

Full moon (in scorpio) Reading for the week of 4/29-5/5/2018

The cards in this reading:

Look at your patterns and relationships:

There are many ways to look at your relationship and analyze the patterns. Many times can lead to a lot of guilt and self doubt about yourself. This card represents the divine masculine and he wants to listen because he can’t take this anymore. He doesn’t want to be a puppet he wants to speak up and start believing in what is truth and opening himself to the previous pattern of this relationship. Maybe it’s time that you look at things openly and focus on what your spirit is telling you now. Looking at your relationships can help you understand why things happen the way they did and stop blaming yourself for all the negatives.

Slow down:

I know we get ahead of ourselves and we look at our new or currant relationship as if is this going to be The “one “and is it going to be marriage life term commitment all of these things are wonderful and wanting them is great!

But before we get into any type of relationship or even keep a relationship we need to slow down and take it one step at a time.

Have patience:

Yes having patience can be the most difficult tasks we all face when we are in a relationship, or waiting for relationship to happen. But love is the center of us and it’s also Our true center that rules our hearts.