Soulmate & Twinflame Reunion

The Twin flame Meeting

When twin flames first meet up, sometimes they don't even know that they share anything spiritual other than a deep attraction for one another.

But then as the relationship goes on it starts to get extremely intense and sometimes very painful emotionally. Wondering why you found someone that can turn your life right around and then totally upside down.

This can bring your spiritual energy into a chaos, and the best thing to do is not stress but understand why you both were sent to together.

I'm going to explain a little about what this divine union between two people and the process to merge together as one. Many times they find one another early in life (such as teenage sweethearts) and move on building a family and life with other people, but never forgetting and always thinking of that person every single day that they were apart. Year later they are reunited, but this time with complicated situations between both, that can create drama and turmoil between them both coming together. That it seems impossible but with twin souls they never disconnect and they will always reunite, but must face challenges and tests in order to fulfill life lessons for both twins to be ready for this divine union.

In all my research I found that it's best never to go seeking and searching for a specific soulmate or twin flame.

We all have a twin flame, but it's 50% chance that you will meet your twin flame in this lifetime, because of the life lessons that we all need to go through.

Meeting up with your twin flame is not as rare as you think, but it does take a lot in order to merge the spiritual energy together in their reunion. We will meet more than one soulmate in our lifetimes and sometimes it's not meant for us to be with our twin flame or sometimes it is. This is the main reason why it is never best to seek out that certain type of soulmate or your twinflame, which twin flame is part of the soul mate group. Soulmates can feel that strong bond connecting at the very beginning, but many times he or she is not completely ready, causing the runner and chaser stages. I have more on this topic that you can read about.

There always challenges with your twin flame, and nobody can explain exactly what those challenges are and the life lessons but being aware and knowing that you two were sent to complete and fulfill each other's destiny as one spirit.

When one twin is not ready, this causes the running while many can experience a great deal of the emotional pain and anxiety by chasing. This is the lesson here that is needing to be learned along with faith, love and patience with peace. This is all part of the master plan when you do meet up with your soulmate, but when it is too early for you to reunite, both Twins need to work on their selves and issues along with loving themselves first. Soulmates will always feel the need to be reunited and it is something that cannot be changed or disconnected in anyway no matter what. When twin souls are reunited it's one of the most powerful and intense energy surge connections of all time, that will never be duplicated and no one else will matter in the world except your twin. I know sometimes it sounds like a double edge sword with your twin flame and many people go through a different types of negativity and chaos before they do find true harmony in the relationship. Even when it seems like it's the wrong time and almost impossible for them to reunite. But as long as they believe in their hearts and love themselves they can overcome all obstacles and challenges that they face!

But during this time never lose hope, always remember what you believe in your heart and everything happens for a reason.

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