Q & A Soulmates and Twin flames - Part 4

How did you know he was your Twin Flame?

The first thing I knew is that I was drawn towards to him, when I looked into his Eyes something lit up inside of me, I've never felt before, although I kept saying to myself this can never work, OMG! We are thousands of miles away from each other and in different countries, not to mention with two different cultures and etc. I don't speak french and he barley understands English.

Deep inside I know knew that this person share something so deep that no other person can ever touch me emotionally and spiritually.

How do I know if this is a false or true twin?

Very interesting question, and a lot of people ask me questions all the time. Now if someone is their false twin, you will know it later.

There are so many different theories about twinflames, but the only answer to this question is, if you are asking yourself "is this is a false twin?"

Then it isn't a false twin, this is very rare, when you meet your twin flame you know right away, this is the one!

In some rare cases they meet another that takes their breath away, more than with one who they thought was their twin flame turns out to be a karmic connection best known as a false twin.

Some may go through negativity with heart ache and total separation from their twinflame this is the process with coming together with the twin flame connection union and false twins are very rare. When you know it's your twinflame, you know this person consumes your soul like no other will.

Is it possible for my twinflame and soulmate to be in my life at the exact same time?

Yes! You enter into the same lifetime with more than one soul mate, also your twin flame, not always when you expect.

We do have choices to make and when you meet your twin it's very difficult to find yourself with another, you're whole changes and take a 360% turn, sometimes positive or negative, all part of the divine union.

This is something I talk a lot about soulmates coming in to make an total impact also to help heal and balance their lives.

When do you know when twinflame awakes to see you as their twin flame?

From personal experience it feels just as like a light bulb went on and everything becomes clearer and more opened in your life when one of the twins awakens.

Like awakening at dawn with sunrise beaming into your bedroom. You will see him or her as the "One" You know without a doubt in your heart that that they are meant to be in your life for the long haul. This will all make sense why everything happened the way it did.

How do you know when it is the right time to reach out to your twin flame after being separated for a long period of time?

It's difficult to say when to reach out to your twinflame or when to contact them. Especially when it is been a long while or the twin is a running. Everyone is unique and it's very to generalize this question on when it is the right time.

The Best thing I advise is to get a spiritual reading or just ask your angels seek guidance, just go with your inner gut on this matter. Sometimes what your mind is saying is a little different than the true message you are receiving.

What is my twinflame doesn't know they are in an unfulfilling relationship?

The main problem with this situation is that if your twin flame is involved in a committed relationship, and then you're trying to tell them to get out of it, it's wrong for them to be in this relationship.

They will not hear what you are saying and take it in a differently.

This is a time, that you need to let your twin make right decision and complete their own life lesson. They will come out of the negative situation when they are ready, you can push them. This is better you give your twinflame space and let him/her figure it out.

If you find your Twin flame or Soulmate at an old age, is It to late to ever come together?

It depends, actually I've worked with twin flames who had a big age difference and it worked then there were some with a huge age difference, that it was impossible for them to be together, to give you an example and adolescent child with a senior. They recognize each other spiritually and have a good platonic relationship, the physical and mind is in a different mind so this would go into the next lifetime. Most twins when there is a age difference can still be together in a romantic relationship.

I believe I have met my soulmate (not a twin flame). I would like to know if it is possible for soulmates to be destined in this lifetime or just twinflames?

Yes, you are not meant to just be with one particular soulmate, with twinflames they are also a part of the soul mate group, but sometimes when ever we enter in a lifetime, they can still lead a beautiful and happy life together.

Can we be telepathically connected with our soulmates also or only twin souls?

Yes we are telepathically connected with our soulmate as well.

Is it common for one twin to try to talk themselves out of loving their twin?

As in, mentally finding everything wrong with that person, and how they are not right for you. Sometimes moving from intense feelings of love to hate?

Mentally if you put your mind to something you can do almost anything, so the answer is if that person is in a conflicted way of wanting this relationship with their twin happen they may find things that are not compatible something negative whatever it may to try to hide their true emotional feelings and try to turn but they feel for the person into hate.

It's an extreme intense energy with twin flames and once you feel that strong need to be with that person nothing is going to change it but if you feel the intensity so deep that you need to run from it then you're going to do everything in your power to try to change that. However it will never last so whatever they try to do it's not permanent.

What if your twin flame does not believe in a spiritual side, will this hamper the process or mean he will never awaken?

Actually they don't have to believe in spirituality to be with their twin flame. This is a journey that they go through and many times they don't realize what a twin flame is, But that doesn't mean that they can't feel the extreme intense connection with that person. This is something that is very common with most twin flame couples.

Is it possible the runner never gets over their fear with preventing union in this lifetime?

The thing with runner fear, it's just fear for that time until they finally awaken and connect with their other half.

It can go on for a little while or it can go on for many years unfortunately and though it's very difficult to say how long it is for everyone, it's best not to run after the runner and Let them come back when they're Ready. They can still come back if you're not fully ready and the both of you can work on these issues together.

During separation, when one twin flame works on deep inner healing, does it help heal the other in twin flame heal?

Absolutely, working on yourself not only helps yourself spiritually grow and heal but you're doing more for your twin soul than you realize. You are actually connecting and merging your spiritual energy together and the best way to do this is first love yourself and work on positive affirmations every day as I mentioned in previous videos and on my blog also with deep meditation going into a place where you both can connect. It takes time for the healing effect to manifest but you need to first work on yourself.

How rare is it for both twin flames to be incarnated and unite in the same lifetime together?

It's not as rare as most people think since we all have one and not everyone connects in each like time with their twin soul.

It's a 50-50 ratio that they do find each other but when they do they know that the person is the one.

If they don't they may find happiness with another like I said in the previous Q and A videos, and articles, soulmates can be just as happy as twin flames.

This is why I highly recommend not looking for just a soulmate but somebody that completes you and that you're happy with sometimes we have to be with certain people in order to help us move up to a higher 5th dimension level and we will never be able to get there if we don't have steppingstones along the way.

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