Divine Masculine Hitting ROCK BOTTOM & Prompt to make a choice - Soulmate Twin flames Reading

This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twinflames & Divine Partners.

If you landed on this reading and it doesn't match up to the dates, this reading was sent to you and is revealing a special message for you. Watch this video completely to receive the message from the Angels.

Rock Bottom:

The Divine masculine right now is going through changes and he is starting to look at things quite differently, he is starting to awaken but he is about to hit rock bottom, hitting rock bottom can make the divine masculine see the life is passing them by and that they’re missing out and that’s what is about to happen here. The divine masculine is not in a good place. The messages that this is a time when you need to work on yourself a little harder to move Forward.

Balancing act: It’s time to focus on yourself on your true path, the messages may feel like you’re hitting rock-bottom because you’re not getting what you want your relationship seems to be falling apart, things are not going in a good direction he’s not responding to you he or she’s not texting you, or they are not communicating.

this card is telling you that when you release the negativity and start looking at balancing what is being truly told to you and what is being given to you, you can understand that it’s time to stop running stop and allowing yourself to go in so many different directions because it feels like everything is scattered.

You need to release whatever is inside and let it go.


You are very strong and capable of doing many things but not feeling like you can get what you want right now it has a lot to do with not releasing everything because that insecurity is pulling you down, not letting go of past negativities cleaning the clutter preparing for something new, this card is telling you that you need to look at the unwanted things that do not serve a purpose in life and that includes the clutter.

Moving on moving away from past negativity and bringing in new beginnings, but it’s not just about cleaning the house but about the people who bring you down.