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Soulmate Twin Flame Reading - Working on yourself for Rebirth & Renewal

With mercury still in retrograde until May 3rd, It's best not to do is not allow it to overwhelm or consume you with your loved one. And may feel the need to speak up and say what's on your mind to your soulmate, twin flame or loved one.

Always remember to think before you speak, you might regret it later.

This is also the best time to clean up your eating and diet, it time to start eating healthy. This helps with clearing your spiritual vision, when you eliminate toxic chemicals.

Eating anything processed is not good for you, also produce that are laced heavy pesticides. This is all conventional fruits and vegetables unless marked organic. All meats contain antibiotics unless marked antibiotic free. These types of foods not only affects your body and health, but your Spirituality in many ways.

When you eat clean and avoid all fast food that are heavily processed, also boxed foods from the grocery store will help you spiritually and this is the time a divine union can happen with your soulmate.

Also this is the best time to let go of past hurts, by starting over again having a renewed type of feeling with energy.

Now that we are coming to a new season of spring (or Autumn), this is the time to embrace and the love that is deep in your heart also by spreading it to everyone around you.

Now that we are coming to a new season, just get out, enjoy nature and start living your life to the fullest.

If you have a question, let me know in the comments area and I will help you the best way I can.

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