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This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twinflames & Divine Partners Elephant spirit New beginnings

Learning from the past and opening up to new beginnings is what the divine masculine is starting to get and starting to prepare for.

There are many changes that are been happening with the divine masculine and we have been seeing this go on for quite some time in the previous readings. DM is slowly starting to let go of the ego and open up to what can truly amplify LOVE into their life. It’s been a while since DM has felt love, since they have been keeping themselves cooped up and sheltered from the world. There are changes happening.

Spider spirit Choice

As DM starts to realize that all things are possible, making a choice to find true happiness and not run from their true emotions is what they’re starting to feel. Divine masculine knows that they are not settled and need to start finding inner strength and truth in their life.

They know that the Divine feminine is part of their destiny, but they have been too stubborn to open their eyes and now something is starting to change with that.

Grasshopper spirit Union

Divine feminines have been closing off themselves from feeling love because of past situations and trying to reject what could happen. The DF has been ignoring what their heart is telling them and trying hard to resist what they want and desire. Something is changing and DF is now starting to feel that they can have the love that they need but they just need to take a leap of faith.

Wasp spirit Reflection

It’s been a challenge for DF and though they have been trying to be strong and to get past whatever it is in their life and make the best of it.

They still go back to why things have happened the way they did and prevent themselves from moving forward. This will wake up and undo all the work they’ve done for themselves.

DF is realizing that it’s time to stop with trivia and start over and this is all a reflection of what they need to work on and change themselves.

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Cards used:

Animal Spirit oracle cards - Colette Baron-Reid

Vintage Wisdom Oracle Cards - Victoria Moseley

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