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💖Divine Soulmates Twin flames 💖 Energy Reading - Renewal & Transformation -DIVINE UNION

This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twinflames & Divine spiritual Partners. 💖

Whispers of healing - Angela Hartfield

Strength: It’s time to gather the inner strength inside you, look from with in if your core. Your relationship right now may not be going towards a good direction maybe there’s insecurities that you’re feeling with fear-based energy. This is coming from the divine masculine, we talked about last week divine masculine can pull our energy down, because he’s been he’s running from something internal and he strikes back that he takes that step forward, then something brings him right back to where he was before wants to have the strength into when his heart feels.

Vibration: You maybe you’re feeling a lower vibration and it’s not your fault, but sometimes when you absorb and consume energy, your picking up the fear the fear-based energy, this making you open up past fear-based energy. Your strong but not taking power for yourself. Its time to allow yourself to rise up and raise your vibration up. When there’s a relationship in crisis we tend to want to give up and say “I can’t take this anymore” “I can’t do it anymore” this is coming from fear and this is something that you need to overcome, it takes work to make a relationship work.


Having an awareness with your divine partner, sometimes they are not ready just yet and can create the runner and chaser stage, runners are actually trapped inside of themselves that they haven’t looked at what’s in front of him and haven’t basically released fear and ego. This can go through a very difficult process of the runner and Chaser stages, they’re very unpredictable and I’ve seen this happen with all of the divine soul corrections it’s not necessarily twin flames.


It’s time to transform into the butterfly that you are. But if you’re not looking at your soul center, you’re not vibrating higher you’re not allowing what is meant what is meant to happen in your life transform. I know that everybody goes through a difficult process, it’s is when It comes to twin flames, they go through the process of letting go and understanding what they need to do with working on themselves.

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