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Soulmate Twin Flames Reading: 4/01 - Full Moon Energy & Retrograde Brings Reconciliation

Happy Easter/Passover!


This is the time to let go of your fear and start over again, trust the process, the universe is helping you and you need to release and surrender. Allowing yourself to be who you are and without restrictions. I highly Suggest that you resist people who bring your vibration down because when I bring your vibration down you become blower inside.

Creation: This card is telling you be yourself and not allow what others are expecting of you. The divine masculine here needs to know that it’s time to start amplifying higher, it’s time to stop running and listening to that inner voice the divine masculine is definitely playing something out and getting through something but they’ve been holding back for so long and wanting to shine and come forward into the light.


This card means being together being as one. Now this is definitely a card for divine union this is definitely a sign telling you things on its way things are reconciling not necessarily what you want but things are coming together in a spiritual sense you’re remembering the source of love.

Mercury retrograde plays a big role in bringing back old relationships, especially divine soulmates and twin flames and it brings back the people who were supposed as destined to get back together.


This may not be the time for you to get back together with her or him maybe it’s a time for you to work on yourself in order for you to get out of this vicious cycle, it could be also be that you were not finding yourself in a good relationship and it’s time for you to rethink things maybe you are doing something wrong that you really need to change your ways maybe the ego-based energy is causing you to be this way and causing you to say and do things that you don’t mean so you have to have the strength you have to endure what you feel in your heart with love and light.

The cards that were used:

Magical times empowerment cards by Jody Bergsma

This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twinflames & Divine Partners.

If you landed on this reading and it doesn't match up to the dates, this reading was sent to you and is revealing a special message for you.

Watch this video completely to receive the message from the Angels.


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