• Ann Elizabeth

Preparing for energy shifts - Soulmate - Twin Flames Reading 3/04 - New Beginnings with Love

This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twinflames & Divine Partners.


This card is telling you that the Negativity that we absorb every day, we take with us, it’s not something that we want to hold onto and sometimes we end up holding onto it a little bit a lot longer than we would like it’s time to just like rise up the divine masculine is telling us here that masculine need to start moving because the divine masculine is actually scared of the shift and and that’s good for everyone actually divine masculine wants to let go but there’s a fear and ego that’s causing him to run running away and not allowing the healing or the purification not allowing the energy shifts to manifest to a higher level now.

It’s time to love yourself to be everything that you want to be or you codependent on that person or that person is actually going to be giving you everything that you need. This is a direct message coming through to stop running from one is deep inside that is scares.


The base of this reading is letting go of negativity, it about letting go of that issue with an anger energy that may be deep inside, it’s something that you’re doing as well because you know that this is not the way it supposed to be by holding onto anger, Which is actually a fear-based energy.

It causes the ego to feel these things that’s causing the ego to strike back I mean it was a part of us we all have ego inside of us.


This is a time to stop looking at what other people have said to you was from your past maybe that something you think about consciously and you are replaying over and over to yourself, this creates this protective mechanism from feeling at peace, we are human and we tend to go into a place where it’s easier to be angry and upset and negative and hurt and sad tend to be positive, happy and uplifting, it takes a lot more work.

We all can go into that mode where we say things that we don’t mean and we can regret it I make mistakes because we are human.

Opal: Stop putting so much pressure on yourself because when you stop doing this all these things I mentioned will love can come through in a very beautiful and miraculous way because the divine masculine and feminine is trying to come together they’re trying to find peace and they’re trying to let go of everything they feel restricted too, because the more you restrict yourself the more harder it gets the more difficult it gets the more you find yourself just caught up in a world where nothing is getting better it just seems like it it gets worse, before you know it you become a nervous wreck and that’s what you don’t want to do anymore.

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